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Heckled From the Balcony

Remember those two old guys in the Muppets? They were awesome, if you weren’t the one on stage. Their heckles haunted the lives of those lifeless puppets. Perhaps many of them considered their lives empty…


And in your life, it may be the same for you. We all have voices in our heads, not the crazy voices, but the ones that subtly suggest that we are not good enough. They shout the lies of false identity with no purpose. And if we believe them, then we believe a false reality.


Yet the gospel of Jesus speaks a better word. 


Heckled From the Balcony tells the story of a pastor who had an affair and what God taught him to bring him out of it. But this book is not just about an affair; it’s about the lies and deceptions we tell ourselves that end up dictating our future. 


This book is for those of you who struggle with seeing yourself as God does, or wrestling with past sins, or have never truly forgiven yourself. There is another way. There is a way of grace, celebration and joy.


These truths shaped the course of my redemption.

Heckled From the Balcony takes you on a journey from desperation to redemption.


You will discover:

  • The essence of biblical grace, celebration and joy.

  • The keys to replacing the voice of self with the voice of Papa God.

  • How to be healed from past shame and guilt.


Your life is meant to be an extension of Jesus’ life. It was meant to be filled with grace, celebration and joy. Open your eyes and your heart. Your redemption is here. 

Why did I write this book?

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